Rembert Family Favorite Recipes


Wild Strawberry Jam

4 cups wild strawberries (generous)
2 ¼ cups sugar

Lightly crush berries. Cook on medium heat until berries begin to release juices. Gradually add sugar. Cook on high heat until full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Continue cooking and stirring for about five minutes. Lower heat a bit as mixture thickens. At about 4 minutes jam will be a good sauce/topping consistency. At about 5 minutes it will be thicker, but not stiff.

Pour into hot jars, wipe rim, and seal. Yield: about 3 ½ eight oz. jars.

Note: If you like a sweeter jam, increase sugar to 2 1/3 cups.

Store in a cool, dark place. I keep most of mine on a back shelf in the refrigerator to help retain color.

This is very good on ice cream or as a cheesecake topping. And of course it’s superb on biscuits or homemade bread.

Wild strawberries, abundant in our fields and meadows, begin to ripen around the first of June and last about two weeks. It takes three hours to pick enough for one batch of jam and another two to three hours to cap the berries and cook the jam. The results are truly extraordinary. Picking is my favorite part – the perfect excuse to be out in the fields all day, taking inventory of all the grasses and flowers and what is growing where. Swallows revel in the insects I scare up, and I delight in the swallows’ pure grace in flight.

From Nana’s Kitchen

May 2004